Pimki Version History

"Zombie" stable version

The current stable release is the "zombie" branch as detail on the home page. It is more feature full, stable and bug-free than the gem versions below. It has not, however, been released yet as a gem due to complexity and time constraints.

1.8.200 Bug Fixes & Madeleine dependency

1.8.092 Bug Fixes & New features

1.7.092 New features

1.6.092 Mainly bug fixes with some minor enhancements

1.5.092 Bug fixes & new features release

1.4.092 New features release

1.3.092 New features and bug fixes release

1.2.092 Bug-fixes and minor enhancements release

1.1.092 Bug-fixes and minor enhancements release

1.0.092 Updated Initial Release

0.9.2-7 Initial Public Release

I have been working on Pimki for my own use for quite some time. It is fairly mature and stable. The version number reflects the base Instiki version (0.9.2; or actually the latest CVS that's markes so) and the running number of my feature-addition releases. This version contained all the main extras: mind map, bliki, todo list, delete/rename pages, menu and expanded search.

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